Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Aloha Ladies & Happy Thanksgiving!

 So here I am sharing the "Basic Necessities".  Although I take terrible photos I assure you the original is much prettier to look at (I don't think there is that glare and shine thing going on) and well we all need sunglasses and a fine set of pearls!  I haven't heard back from a lot of you on how to use the blog.  I'm sure everyone is very busy with the holidays but I am around painting feverishly if anyone has a questions.  Have the best Thanksgiving ever!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say how such a great time I had in Dickenson! I wish I could take a workshop every month but life does go on. I wanted to show everyone that we had our Annual Membership Show last week in Waxhahachie Texas and I won an Honorable Mention on the painting I did at Carol's Workshop. I think I must of had a "Good Teacher"! What do you guys think? Thanks for setting up of the blog. We will all enjoy seeing what everyone is doing during the year. Jana

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trying out the Art Bubble

Just checking to see how this blog works.  I painted a series of old trucks, and this is one of the rustiest and oldest.  This one is 6" x 6" and is titled "Rust is the New Black."   I have a website where I publish something every now and then -
 I am trying to finish all of my work from Carole's fabulous advanced workshop.  However, life has been in the way, and children and grandchildren are arriving for Thanksgiving. But I will finish and will post when I am finished.
Hope others post their work soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sue & Henry.

The Art Bubble !: Look here you can add an image!:   Look here I just added an image by clicking the picture button next to the Link words in the back end of blogger.  Of course you had to...

Look here you can add an image!

  Look here I just added an image by clicking the picture button next to the Link words in the back end of blogger.  Of course you had to hit the create post button first (little crayon)!  Now what I do with all those extra avocados is add 1/2 a cucumber, 1/2 lime some sea salt about 1/2 cup of purified water and 1/2 cup of greek yogurt to a blender and viola!  c'est avocado mouse fantastique!  C'est tres bonne!  Try it with a little cayenne and it's even better (:  You can always edit your post too......

Monday, November 12, 2012

Exciting News!

Aloha Ladies !  If I list each participant as a blogger an email will generate to them with a link to invite them to blog / create a post which is what I am doing now, so I think by next weekend I will add / invite everyone to post.  I think you will need to save the link that allows you to create a post AND you will need to hit the crayon button to create the post (writing and or entry for the day).  After writing you can add and image (see the little picture sign next to the words Link in the draft post) hit the publish key after you are done (make sure you check your spelling!).  I think eveyone needs to sign up for the "Follow by Email" so that when one of us creates a post you will be notified.  Any questions, let me know (:  Happy painitng!

I still need the group photo for the back ground - anyone have it????

Love Ya!

Sophie (:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A New Day

Aloha beautiful ladies of the Texas Art Bubble!  The blog spot is reserved.  I will need the group photo to set it in the background and at the top & I better not be showing any double chin!  That Sue's cooking has put at least ten pounds on me!  Julia is my partner in crime with setting this blog up.  I sent her and invite to allow her email rights to create posts.  If that works, I will add everyone to the list and everyone should follow by email because then you will know when someone posts something and it will go right to your email.  Way cooler than just email because we can send photos and invitations and weight watchers progress!  Not to worry one of us will walk you through posting too I promise & its so much fun (:

Love Ya