Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Aloha Ladies & Happy Thanksgiving!

 So here I am sharing the "Basic Necessities".  Although I take terrible photos I assure you the original is much prettier to look at (I don't think there is that glare and shine thing going on) and well we all need sunglasses and a fine set of pearls!  I haven't heard back from a lot of you on how to use the blog.  I'm sure everyone is very busy with the holidays but I am around painting feverishly if anyone has a questions.  Have the best Thanksgiving ever!


  1. Nice Job, Sophie! I have signed up for the Kim English workshop in Scottsdale March 4, and I would LOVE to see all of you there. He was first on Rene Wiley's list of other workshops to take. The focus is drawing figures with paint. But, WHO will cook for me? And ferry me to the airport? Me? And the hugs? Hmmm?~~ Sally

    1. You have fun cutis! I am bowing out on figure painting for now (afte margaret dyers class I realize I don't like it) and focusing on still lifes / painting from my wardrobe next...... who knows what lies in boudoir!